Name That Sock Contest!

We have a new pair of socks to add to the roster and need your help in naming them. Are you up to the challenge?

Send us your best name and tagline, for example, "Pretty Panda" and if you are selected, we'll send you a pair of socks completely free of charge. It's that easy. If you want a free pair of funny, cute, crazy socks, this is the contest for you.
(Note: May's "Name That Sock" is designed to fit Men's US sizes 3-6 and Women's sizes 4-7. If you are the winner and your sock size is different than this, you may select any pair of socks from our website.)

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Good luck! Free socks, free shipping, free fun! Enter here to win.

May/June 2014 contest

Who is this and what is it up to?

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Winning name: Contest still open!
Winner: It could be you!
Contest closes:May 31st, 2013.

Name That Sock Contest Feb/March Winner

Congratulations to Stephen Radford

Stephen won a hotly contested contest with the gem "Something to fart around in".

The Crop Duster: "Something to fart around in"


Name That Sock Contest Dec/Jan Winner

Congratulations to John Kirk

It is not over until the Beautiful Bird Chirps! John Kirk made us all want to sing with his cute "Tweety Feety" entry.

Tweety Feety: "Keeps Your Feet Singing ll Day Long"


Name That Sock Contest Oct/Nov Winner

Congratulations to PedXing Footwear

PedXing ran circles around the competition this time round.

Rabid Puppy: "Look Into My Eyes..."


Name That Sock Contest July Winner

Congratulations to Justin Moles

Justin Moles brought home the prize this month with a delightfully cute entry, perfectly fitting for these sweet little socks.

"Bearie Warm Socks"


Name That Sock Contest May Winner

Congratulations to Beth Archibald!

Beth brought her A game this month, and bested many other funny, kooky and crazy name ideas.

Disco Feet: "Something Smells Funky"


Name That Sock Contest April Winners!

Congratulations to Katie Dentry and Simon Cockerton

Their answers were both so compelling, we have decided to team them up to welcome: Rumpy Rabbit: "Ooops My Bum Burped." A stellar name if we have ever heard one! Thanks again to everyone who took part for sharing ideas and chuckles.

Rumpy Rabbit: "Ooops My Bum Burped"


#caption#Name me
Winning name: Contest closed!
Winner: Katie Dentry and Simon Cockerton
Contest closed: May 15st, 2013.