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About Socks

All of our Korean socks are made from a blend of 85% cotton and 15% spandex, providing outstanding comfort and durability. 

Due to the cotton/spandex blend of our products, they easily fit a wide variety of sizes.

As a guideline:

Our smaller sized socks are designed to fit US Men's sizes 3-6 and Women's sizes 4-7
Our larger sized socks are designed to fit US Men's sizes 7-12 and Women's sizes 8-13

At the sock market we specialise in fun socks for men, and fun socks for women. Our cute socks for women will put a smile on your face, while our cool socks for men, and crazy socks for men will make a bold statement where ever you go. there has been great debate over how to describe the height of our socks, and for now there is no clear winner. Some people call them low cut socks, others say no show socks for men or no show socks for women, while still others call them ankle socks. At the sock market we don't mind what you call them, as long as it's not boring!