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f Sock-Olidays

Everyone loves a holiday, so here are a few more sock related ones to add to the calendar:

funky socks


March 27th

is "Wear Odd Socks Day". This is a day to show your support for the blind and visually impaired for whom choosing matching socks and clothing is a daily challenge. Make oddity fun and free your feet from the mundanity of matching by putting on a pair of colorful socks from different ends of the spectrum. Why not let one of your your cute socks like Sheepish expand her social circle by spending a day with a Beautiful Betty sock instead of her normal old twin?

May 8th

is our very least favourite day of the year "No Socks Day". This means no knee-high socks, no low cut socks, no no show socks, nada. While some tout it as toe-tal freedom we feel that the price of toe-tal boredom is far too steep. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a day to wash all of your crazy socks and air out your tootsies, this is it.

May 9th

is "Lost Sock Memorial Day". This is a day to grieve the loss of all your awesome socks that have mysteriously gone missing over the year, most probably during your No Socks Day laundry. Remember the good times you had with your favorite pair of ankle socks and wiggle your toes in appreciation.

October 21st

is "Rock Your Socks Day". This wonderful day was conceived by LittleMissMatched™ as a time to fight conformity and, embrace creativity and self-expression. Join the party and tell the world you will not kowtow to convention, free yourself and your feet.